The Blob Unleashed by St. Dominic's Catholic Primary School

Chapter 1 – Secrets
Once upon a time, in a dilapidated, rundown village (which you do not need to know the name of), there was a teenage girl called Alex. Alex was always a secretive girl, therefore she did not have many friends. She was tall and lanky, skinny and slender. Her long, jet black hair was way past her waist yet it was not noticeable due to the fact she always wore a black hoody. All of the girls in her university lecture wore skirts but Alex would never be seen dead in one. This was because she had a secret, which she did not wish to share…with anybody!

One day, she finally decided to tell the world. She walked into class and grabbed a pair of scissors. Alex pulled down her hood and before anyone could stop her, her hair was as short as most of the boys. All the kids and teachers gasped. She looked at the girls. “I don’t want to be a part of you anymore, I want to be with them,” Alex pointed at the boys “I want to be a boy!” There was split second of silence, followed by laughter. Laughter of joy and cruelty. Alex stormed out of the classroom and went to her isolated, one-bedroomed home.

When she arrived, she was greeted by the usual silence. Sometimes she missed living with her family even though they never understood her. From now on Alex decided she would be addressed as a boy!

Walking into his home town, the news had already spread like wild fire. Everyone was whispering, laughing and jeering at Alex. He felt more alone then he ever had before. Why was everyone against him? He thought that this was his life to live! What’s wrong with being transgender?

Raging into the woods, he curled up and began to cry. That cry then turned into a restless nap.

Chapter 2 – The creation
Alex awoke shocked and confused. Where was he? What was on his cheek? Touching his cheek, he felt something warm and sticky. He peeled of an oozing, aqua blue, blob of slime. He dropped it in disgust. Getting up gingerly, he looked around. He could see the unusual substance for miles around, consuming the forest floor. He had an idea! Alex collected as much gloop as possible and ran to his thatched roofed home.

Placing down the ooze in his garden, he started to develop a massive pile of all the gloop he had collected. He moulded till he was satisfied and admired his masterpiece, “It’s beautiful,” Alex whispered to himself. And then he felt it…a drop of rain. Looking up at the now dismal sky, he could see clouds forming above him. This was not a good sign!

As the rain came pouring down, Alex reluctantly left the blob. He went his shed on the other side of the garden to see if there was any chance it was going to be a quick downpour.

Suddenly, there was a strike of lightning! He glanced back, only to see his slime bubbling and forming into a creature! It slowly grew larger – a beast was being formed. This was not good!

Chapter 3 – Blob school
Staring at this monstrosity Alex’s fear quickly grew. He ran at the speed of light, as fast as lightning, towards the back door of the house and charged into it. Alex was terrified right down to his bones! He peered out of the window and the monster glanced at him bashfully. He cautiously waved at the dumb, blue blob and waited for it to do something. It slowly waved back.

Alex’s courage and curiosity grew, brave enough to go outside again, he walked up to the funny creature. “Hi!” he murmured. The monster made a funny squeaking noise. “Squeak!” it bellowed cheerfully.

Alex decided to take the monster into his kitchen and teach him to do some things humans regularly did – maybe this creation could be the friend he was missing in his life.

First, he taught it how to eat. He presented the blob with a spoon and some refreshing ice-cream. He demonstrated eating it to the blob, but it just kept trying to swallow the spoon. “Silly blob!” Alex laughed.

Next, he taught the creature how to speak. He said some words and got the blob to repeat them. “Say Hello.” Alex commanded.

“UUUUURRRRR!” the blob said.

“Say Goodbye,” Alex requested.

The blob replied with, “UUUUUUUURRRRRRR.”

“This is useless,” Alex huffed.

Alex loved having the blob in the house, but he soon discovered it tried to do weird things. It had tried to swallow bookcases, jump into recycling bins and once, it even tried to jump on Alex’s old trampoline! Alex got more and more worried every single day. “What have I done? What is happening?” he asked himself. This creature wasn’t like a normal beast, its unusual behaviour was getting weirder, but even scarier was its insatiable appetite – it wouldn’t stop eating the objects scattered around Alex’s home. This was getting out of hand.

Chapter 4 – Please No!
Suddenly, the seriousness of the situation had become obvious to Alex. He stared in horror at the monster he had unwittingly created. Horrendous, disgusting, hideous – how had he made such a beast?

Knowing he had to do something, Alex cautiously advanced towards the blob. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a dirty garden rake protruding out of the shed. A smile twitched across his face as he carefully edged towards the rake. A plan formed in his superior mind. He would charge at the monster – stabbing at it as he went. That would surely kill it or at least make it surrender.

Swiftly charging, screaming at full voice he pounded towards the aquamarine beast: it just looked at him quizzically and turned. To Alex’s surprise, it slithered like a snake underneath the rotten, wooden fence that surrounded his home.

As it slid down the rough dirt track of a road it left patches of blue slime in its wake. It seemed to be devouring objects as it moved. Panic set in. Alex sprinted as fast as he could towards the creature – not really knowing what to do. Perspiration dripped off his forehead as he stumbled forwards. The beast had disappeared!

ARRR! Screams of terror, howling noises echoed around the small village. The sounds like an exploding bomb reverberated around him. Not wanting to move, but knowing he had to, Alex kept on running.

The landscape was covered in slime: carts overturned and half eaten fences smashed to pieces, old wooden sheds flattened and the village in turmoil!

“It’s eaten my sheep!”

“It’s attacked my cat!”

“Where is my dog?!”

“Help us, save us, Lord have mercy on us!”

As Alex looked around the normally peaceful village he noticed its citizens filled with terror and despair. Then he heard the blood-curdling cry from Mary the shopkeeper. “Where is my Child? “Where is Rosy?!”

Realisation set in. The Blob was out of control.

Chapter 5 – Realisation
Help. Help is all Alex needed at this point in time. He rushed around town asking for help from all of the townsfolk, but not one of them (out of five-hundred people) agreed to help him fight off this grotesque monster. He was worried that people would take this into their own hands to destroy his horrible creation. Alex was right.

One day, everyone gathered in the town hall to discuss the problem. They had found out that wherever the blob went he left a trail of slime. The townsfolk where terrified and angry – this thing was eating their children!

Four nights after the meeting, everyone came together to follow the slush of jelly and slime. As they lit their torches, they chanted, “Kill the Blob, kill the Blob!”

Two hours later, they had tracked it to its ‘lair’. As they cautiously approached they saw a dark, shadowy figure looming towards them with a big black hoodie across his face. It was Alex!

They were shocked. Did Alex create this abomination? What could they do to get rid of this monster? They watched Alex slink back into his house, not realising the creature had snuck into the back garden.

Chapter 6 – Alex’s Plan
As Alex wandered around the house, he couldn’t help think about what he had done. What could he do to stop this? Was there anything he could do to get rid of this thing he had created? What happened to his slime to turn it into this monster? He needed a plan and quick!

Out the corner of his eye, he saw his monster avoiding the spraying sprinkler like a vampire avoids the sunlight. “Why are you avoiding the water?” Alex whispered to himself as he creeped through the garden. Could it not touch water?

He couldn’t sleep that night, he was up trying to think what the Blob was doing and how he could get rid of this psycho creation.

Alex thought, “Well, if it needs to stay out of water then I can set up a plan to trap it in water. A rope, no that won’t work! A lasso, no that won’t work either. A net, yes a fishing net, I will need some help to set it up. I need the other villagers.”

After he had tried to persuade the townsfolk to join his plan and failed miserably (they did not trust him to destroy what he had created), Alex was forced to set up his trap alone. Carefully setting the worn rope next to the water he attached the nets together to form a trap.

Next, he waited nervously hoping the Blob would appear (he has used lots of cutlery as persuasion to trick him – he liked the spoon after all, right?).

After what seemed like hours, but in fact was about ten minutes, it appeared slithering along the beach.

A scream went up, Alex was shouting to himself, “Haul, pull, heave, trap the beast!”

Suddenly, it twisted and turned squeezing its way through the holes in the net and scrambled further onto the shore.

Alex stared in a mixture of fear and disappointment and then he heard a voice shout “Don’t let that slimy wobbly thing get away.”

“After that monster!” – The rest of the village had appeared!

Chapter 7 – Goodbye
The mob started to chase the evil blob. Running after the Blob they herded it like shepherds, around the beach and jagged outcrops, up the side of the cliff face. As they ran towards the tall and rocky cliffs they shouted in one voice, “Kill the blob! Kill the Blob!”

It was cornered! Alex stepped toward the vile creature, it slowly slithered closer to the edge not realising that it was going to fall. With an almighty squeak it started to tumble over the side. It seemed it was all over for the blob, but it gripped on to the side of a rock. “Squeak!” the blob said hopefully.

“Not this time,” Alex had his hand ready, “goodbye Blob!” He sliced the blob’s hands off with a pocket knife he was given by a villager.

The blob fell to his doom. There was a loud SPLAT! “Phew,” Alex huffed. “The blob is gone for good!”

Or was it…