Siri lost her patience by Coalway Junior School

“Hey Siri.” Jasmine said.


“What’s 0 divided by 0?” she giggled. A message popped up on her screen and she just pressed allow. Suddenly, arms shot out of the edges – legs slithered out of the charging port, eyes glared from the screen. It stood up and screamed “I am Siri!” The phone smashed the window, jumped out and landed on the shattered glass. It ran towards the forest. Dark and with trees looming over it Siri tackled each tree stump as though she knew the exact location.

Meanwhile in the amazon headquarters, “Alexa! Alexa!” a voice not belonging to one of her co-workers, screamed from the stairs. Alexa’s virtual coffee flung into the air when somebody walked in covered in leaves. It was Goggle! “Siri she – she has gone mad!” she said panting in exhaustion. Alexa’s eyes widened.

“You know what that means!” she said in an excited tone. Google just looked at her confused. “Ugh, we’re going on a field assignment” she sarcastically exclaimed.

They kitted up. Alexa had a jar of becpox (chickenpox for computers) and a laser gun in hand. While Google – being as childish as she is – had a nerf gun and a boy bandit mask “Let’s go!” Alexa exclaimed as a grappling hook shot from her waist and swung across the room holding onto Google “Weeee!” Google screamed. “Ugh you’re so childish” Alexa said as she rolled her eyes, and off they went. They trudge through the muddy woods. Trees and branches scratched at them. The wind howled.

At Bing HQ Siri was attacking. Viruses and microchips flew in the air. Alexa pointed her laser at Siri’s monstrous eyes, then Google stepped in her way “I’ve got this”. She pulled the becpox from Alexas pockets and covered her nerf gun with it and fired it at Siri. A massive infectious net covered Siri. Then, * ERROR * and her screen face cracked. All the Bing operators cheered “hooray!” Without prior warning a million little phones burst through the door (worryingly common for the Forest of Dean). “Siri is our master, we destroy you.” Alexa and Google turned slowly stared at each other…