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BLOG: Grasp the opportunity!

We asked Sabrina, our 2016 Winner, to write a blog to encourage pupils to take part in FameLab Academy. Here’s what she had to say….

Hello all Future FameLabbers!

What can I say other than, jump up and dive head first into the most amazing parts of science by taking part in this fantastic competition! I honestly cannot recommend this opportunity enough. Whether you are looking to tell the world by jumping up and down about the latest scientific discovery, or you just want to try something new, as long as you are passionate about science, which is everything around you by the way, you will love it!

I started out in the competition with just a vague idea of what I wanted to talk to people about. Science as a subject just seemed a bit too big and too daunting, but I ended the competition having been exposed to numerous different science related careers and I am now pursuing Physics at A Level.

This competition is as special as it is rare: not only do you make new friends and contacts, you finally see science in its raw and beautiful form: young people talking about what inspires them or leaves them in awe at the capability of humankind and the intricacies of natural phenomena. It is such a wonderful feeling, to spread knowledge to people who are more than eager to listen, and this is what this competition gives you.

Not to mention the chance to hone your public speaking skills and develop your self-confidence, which are useful skills for every walk of life.

If I haven’t given you enough reasons already to jump right in next year, let me tell you this. A wise man once said “don’t miss the opportunities given to you”, or something like that anyway. And although that sounds super cheesy, and I will be forever incriminated for saying that, I mean it. This competition – not to sound overly dramatic – has the potential to lead onto great things and a glittering future stem career, in any area of science you desire.

The first step is exposing yourself, putting yourself out there and speaking about what you are passionate about. Even though 180 seconds isn’t that long, it’s long enough to make a difference.

So pick up your pen, start harassing your family, friends and bedroom mirror for ideas for your speech, and grab this opportunity to talk about what you love with both hands, because it is certainly not something to be missed.

Have a go – you have nothing to lose!


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