Due to the cancellation of the 2020 Cheltenham Science Festival, DataFace has been postponed until further notice. To find out more, read our statement.

Be the face of the future by transforming data into solutions

The pilot project devised and produced in collaboration with the Institute for Research in Schools, Cyber Schools Hub and Cheltenham Festivals.

Through training and mentorship with experts in industry, DataFace introduces students to real-life opportunities in cyber security and data analysis. Working in teams, the 11-14 year olds analyse a real-life dataset, identify a real-world problem, spot and understand patterns, and create visualisations that tell compelling stories and a user interface to provide a solution.

Teams from schools across Gloucestershire compete to participate in cyber take-over at the Science Festival 2020 while developing technical and creative skills, and discovering career opportunities in cyber security and data analysis.

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