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A Way With Words

A Way with Words was the second phase of Cheltenham Festivals’ three-year community project in Cheltenham West. It was a cross-arts, multi-generational project with a focus on gathering and sharing local people’s stories, reminiscences and opinions. The material gathered was then re-interpreted and shared in a public performance as part of Cheltenham Literature Festival 2016, using different performance media.

A Way with Words offered people from across Cheltenham West the opportunity to get involved as Story Collectors, Story Providers and Story Tellers; and also to engage with Creative Practitioners specialising in a variety of performing arts. The project resulted in engaging 565 participants and audiences of more than 500!

I loved the cross-section of people involved and the process of gathering material, words, stories etc.

Local participant

The Numbers
Participating community groups 26
Story Collectors


Story collection sessions 39
Story Providers 403
Story Tellers (performers) 40
Total participants 565*
Performances 3
Audience for performances and interactive exhibition 500

*Some groups and individuals took part in more than one activity.

Find out how it went and what the participants thought:
Download the A Way With Words 2016 Evaluation – Summary [3.16mb]

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