Beyond Words 2015/16

Beyond Words 2015/16

Carnegie-nominated Sue Mayfield worked with two groups of students.

It’s positive, constructive, it’s all about improving – yourself and your work.

Isaac, student

They met in inspirational spaces for extended creative writing workshops.

Rebecca would not otherwise have left the house, Beyond Words was a life saver.


The workshops were re-created virtually to enable access for students unable to attend the workshops in person.

University of Gloucestershire Illustration undergraduates responded to the students’ brief to create the art work for the front cover

Some of the students came with their parents to the see their Anthology hot off the press!

The Anthology was launched at our local bookshop, The Suffolk Anthology.

Watch this film to experience the launch and hear the students’ responses.

Hear students Alex, Isaac, Madison and Sophie reading their work and read the impact report for further details.

It’s been a once in a life time opportunity. It has meant the world to take away new skills and friends.

Madison, student