Photography credit: Pete Riley


Gamelan, which means ‘orchestra’ in Javanese, is the traditional music of Indonesia and consists of a variety of tuned percussion instruments such as bronze xylophones, gongs and drums which are mounted on beautifully carved and painted wooden frames. The instruments look and sound amazing. Hand-made by master craftsmen in Java, our gamelan took nearly a year to complete, and arrived in 2004.

Gamelan is an excellent tool for music education, and anyone can learn to play because no previous knowledge or experience is required. The simplicity of the playing technique makes these instruments almost instantly accessible by children and adults of all levels of musical experience, and the emphasis which Javanese music places on ensemble skills, listening and singing enriches all other areas of music-making.

Opportunities to play range from bespoke workshops for schools and community groups to team-building opportunities for businesses or a group of friends. The Cheltenham Community Gamelan Players get together once a week to play, and new members can join at any time. Why not come along to a taster session?

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